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Скачать торрент Two Worlds II (2010) Xbox360

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Действие игры разворачивается спустя два года после событий, имевших место в первой части игры. За это время мир Two Worlds заметно покрепчал – искусственный интеллект был переделан с чистого листа, боевая система изменилась до неузнаваемости, атмосфера фэнтезийного мира и квестовая ветка были доработаны, новые локации Восточного Анталура, враги и похорошевшая картинка – состряпаны. В пресс-релизе делается большой упор на графическую сторону проекта – динамическое освещение, параллакс-маппинг и другие страшные словосочетания.

О потенциальной хитовости проекта говорят предварительные оценки западных критиков. Eurogamer.de поставил игре 9/10 баллов. А в Gamingxp.DE оценили игру в 91 балл из 100. XBG 360 Games поставил 92 из 100 и наконец, у PC Games оценка равна 9 баллам из 10 возможных. Общий тон комментариев сдержанно восторженный, игру уже назвали “идеальной Готикой 4” и равноценным конкурентом Dragon Age. К несомненным плюсам игры относят большой игровой мир, систему крафтинга, сюжет и качественную, сочную картинку.

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Two worlds 2 лицензия торрент

The best RPG since oblivion, this game is an underrated fine piece of RPG gaming.

A bold statement? Yes. A false statement? No. First off, The best RPG since oblivion, this game is an underrated fine piece of RPG gaming.

A bold statement? Yes.
A false statement? No.

The game play is solid and moving around feels great even while sprinting which may I add looks amazing. The combat can seem a bit daunting and difficult at first, especially as a mage but you’ll soon find yourself slaying many of the creatures TW2 has to offer and having a hell of alot of fun while doing so.

Melee combat itself is great with nice fluid block and counter mechanics that look amazing, melee combat is refreshingly dynamic in the sense that it isn’t the same attack animation over and over until the bad guy is dead. Take dual wielding for example, your character fights with such grace and graphical brilliance you’ll sometimes check twice your not watching a well choreographed cinematic.

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Magic combat is, I found at least, hard to begin with because early in the game you don’t really put out enough damage to stop whatever fiend your attacking from getting close and bashing your face in. It can be off putting but stick to it because mage gets VERY VERY good. And once you get a nice set of robes a nice staff and some of your very own made spells, yes you can make your own spells, you’ll soon be commanding undead minions or hurling bouncing fire bolts at enemies in no time.

Ranged combat is very nice in TW2 and looks great, although in some places such as caves and small rooms you can often find yourself overwhelmed and having to retreat to a safe distance or fire as many arrows into the bad guys face while hoping you don’t die. This is to be expected however, because let’s face it a rangers combat prowess lies in distance and boy in distance landscapes (Of which TW2 has alot of) you will find yourself happily using enemies as a pin cushion before they even think of getting close.

Now, stealth combat. Stealth combat in TW2 is somewhat strange because it’s not a full class in it’s own right because it lacks any combat skills which is a shame because while you can fight with a dagger it’s just a simple 3 hit combo. Stealth is more of a utility rather than combat class because you can pick pocket, pick locks, one hit kill people in the back, sneak around and place traps.

Crafting is great and you can upgrade all your weapons and armour, so that trusty sword you got at level 15 may very well be at your side at level 20 while you slice and dice your enemies. You can add special gems to weapons and armour to give them effects such as fire, ice , lightning etc. Most of the time it’s better to dismantle any unwanted loot rather than sell it so you can use the materials to upgrade your own equipment.

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Making potions is your typical throw ingredients in a pot and click create. And hoping you get something decent after. You can save recipes if you find a suitably good recipe to save time and effort when you want to make x amount of them.

Just wow. Easily the best looking RPG to date there is no doubting that, the world looks amazing the armours all look amazing, weapons look amazing. Pretty much everything looks amazing and the game is pretty well optimized too. One thing that really stood out for me is just how good open landscapes look, they look incredible sometimes the lighting can seem overdone and sometimes blinding but other than that you will be opened mouthed, wide eyed and in amazement of what’s being displayed on your screen.

The music is very nice and 9 times out of 10 suits the town or zone your in just perfectly. The voice acting is great, unlike the first game which was sadly not very good. Your character sounds suitably bad ass and not in the cheesy try-hard to be bad ass sense, he sounds great. And other NPCs sound great with a very few voices inducing face-palm moments.

The combat sounds great with clangs and bangs having a nice sounding ring to them rather than a sound engineer whacking a can of beans with a spoon. Magic sounds great and casting them cues your character to chant magical words which sounds great. Ranged combat hasn’t been left in the dark in the sound department, whizzing arrows sound nice and when they hit something they sound great.

Well it can seem quite confusing at first but once you get to grips with it, it does seem good. Although the story is easily the weakest point about TW2 and is why im only giving it a 9 instead of a 10. Don’t let this discourage you from purchasing this fine game however, the gameplay MORE than makes up for it. … Expand

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Well I was pleasantly surprised. There is a lot going for this game and it really is an improvement on the first game in the series.
I Well I was pleasantly surprised. There is a lot going for this game and it really is an improvement on the first game in the series.
I thought the main character was a hoot. I loved the very dry but funny comments he made throughout the game. I liked the side quests, they were interesting and entertaining and usually quite unpredictable in how they would turn out.
I enjoyed the storyline, I certainly didn’t want to stop playing until I got to the end and I was tempted to do a lot of side missions along the way.
The horses were a bit of a fail (never around) as was fighting in the small corridors. Terrible camera angles meant I couldn’t see my character at all and he was getting stuck in corners and having the stuffing pummelled out of him while I blindly tried pressing keys trying to get him up and away from walls, corners or holes.
The inventory was a bit of a mess, the idea of armour sets nice but it was too easy to dismantle an item and then when you switch armour sets find yourself left standing in the nuddy with only your bow and a small dagger. (Hehe)(Pun intended)

I will say this. I would be replaying this game over and over if I had the option to play as a female. I wouldn’t want to stop until I experienced all the classes and their armours/weapon combinations. I would also have been very interested in buying the dlc and/or any expansions. I think RPG developers should give serious consideration to us female gamers as consumers with spending power. I liked the game but playing as a male. there is no replay interest for me.

Overall I’m glad I played this game though. It was fun! … Expand

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